trio-tots preschool

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Tips for successful Parent-teacher meeting

First Open day!!

Parent-teacher meeting plays a vital role in your child’s schooling life. At the start of each new school year, parents are invited to a parent teacher meeting. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the person their child is going to be spending a large portion of their time with, not to mention all the formative educational and social input this person will provide.

Aside from imparting pertinent information regarding the curriculum and classroom structure, the idea is for you and the teacher to form a team – a partnership that works together for the benefit of your child.

To make it easier, and to ensure you make the most of this first meeting, Ms. Greshma Momaya has outlined some important information that you need to know.

Before the meeting

1.       Ask your child how he or she feels about the school?

2.       Prepare a list of questions like

·         Is my child settling in the new class?
·         Is he or she getting on with classmates?
·         Does my child seem to be happy in the school?
·         What homework workload can we expect?
·         What can I do at home to help more?

During the meeting-

1.       Always be on time for the meeting
2.       Do not create a false impression. Just relax and be yourself
3.       Prioritize your list of questions
4.       Ask most important questions first
5.       Do not hesitate to ask for explanation if you have not understood any point.
6.       Thank the teacher.

After the meeting –

1.       Please speak to your child about the meeting. Let them not feel that you met the teacher to complain rather let your child know that you & teacher will be working together as a team for their best.

2.       Teacher must have given some tips when you asked what you can do at home to help more, start working on those tips.

3.       Give a feedback to the teacher in the next meeting if the tips she shared helped you and your child.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Transition from home to Trio Tots preschool

Nursery children have started coming to school without the parents and Playgroup are yet to start. I am sure all parents are still worried about the settling of their child in the new environment.
Transition from home to preschool can be easy for some children and difficult for some. Every child is different and his or her ability to adjust in a new environment differs.

To make this transition easy, Ms. Greshma Momaya (Head of Tots) suggests some tips for parents.

1.Be well informed – Please make sure you are well informed about the routines and environment of the school. So please make sure you attend the Orientation and read the parent manual shared by the school.

2. Develop interest for school - Give an idea of what her preschool days will be like. Build an interest in them by talking about the activities and the play time that they are going to have. Assure them that it’s going to be a party all through; making new friends and new toys and plenty of activities.

3. Play teacher – teacher – Pretend plays are good to give an idea about the school. Take turns being the teacher, parent and child. Practice saying good-byes, eating snack from plate etc. Sing rhymes or read stories together as a part of this preschool pretend play.

4. Trust the school & teacher – Most children cry when they start schooling. When the child cries, you shouldn’t sho
w tension or stress. When you show tension, your child will also feel tensed. Instead give them an assurance that they are safe in preschool and you will be coming to pick them up soon. If you start trusting the school, your child will start trusting school and settle faster. Also avoid asking question to teachers about your child as your child is, listening and sensing it. Keep calm; teacher will share the necessary information with you.

5. Short goodbyes - The longer the goodbye, the longer the settling period. Keep it short and simple. Assure them that you will be back soon to pick them from school or he will be home soon to be with his parents. A good bye kiss or a hug is enough with a happy face is enough.

6. Eating & toileting – Most children do not use washroom or eat till they emotionally settle with the school. It is ideal to make them wear diapers initially till they start telling their need preferences to the teachers. It is perfectly fine if child is not eating in school, give them some time. Please make sure your child eats something before and after the school.

Actually if parents settle child will also settle. I hope these tips help all our parents and children in settling in the new environment.