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Monday 29 February 2016

Trio Tots - Innovation in preschool education at HSR Layout, Bangalore

Trio Tots HSR brings the long needed change to the way preschool learning takes place by  completely transforming the preschool classroom. After successfully implementing many tried and tested approaches to education at Sahakarnagar, Trio is now offering quality and innovation driven preschool education at HSR layout, Bangalore. The preschool is located at a well connected and calm locality.

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” - Maria Montessori

Our approach -  The best of many worlds

At Trio Tots, HSR Layout, we have created an approach that brings together a winning combination of several highly respected and proven models.The Multiple Intelligence theory by Howard Gardner states that children possess eight different types of intelligence in varying levels. The teaching is tailored to enhance each of those intelligences in a child. Maria Montessori’s Montessori method is also incorporated in our methods. This approach fosters  respect for individual differences , self-motivated & child centered learning, cooperative play, hands-on learning and independence. The Play way & Kindergarten Method by Friedrich Froebel encourages life centred learning through doing, amidst an atmosphere of freedom. The Waldorf Method by Rudolf Steiner places emphasis  on imagination, arts & crafts of all kinds.         Reverence for nature, celebration of the seasons and outdoor play are important aspects of this approach.

The domains of learning are :

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2. Language and Literacy
3. Logical Thinking and Reasoning
4. Knowledge and Understanding of the world
5. Creative Development
6. Physical Development

Learning Centres -  Beyond and better than classrooms

At Trio Tots, HSR we have created learning centres that incorporate diversity, flexibility, and creativity in the learning process. These learning centres help children develop social skills, independence and responsibility. The centres have been built in a way to make children more active and aware.

Trio Tots, HSR has the following learning centres:

Dramatics Play Centre : The dramatics play centre encourages expressive play by crafting meaningful experiences. It helps children become comfortable about themselves and in dealing with various situations. Puppet Theater, costumes and various other props are used in this centre.

Music Centre : The music centre incorporates music into learning by introducing it as a means to create a soothing atmosphere, transitioning from one activity to another, encourage movement, and stimulate the mind. Different materials are used for creating music.

Art Centre : The art centre helps children become aware of art and encourage them to participate in the process of creating art as a means of expression. Age appropriate and easy to use art materials are provided to children.

Reading Centre : Reading is a fundamental skill that helps children gain mastery over writing, vocabulary, thinking and speaking. It opens them up to many opportunities and ideas. The reading centre provides an enriching and distraction free surrounding where they can read their a selection of quality books.

Language Arts : The language arts centre is a part of the reading centre. It uses a variety of tools like puzzles, word cards, catalogs, magazines and so on to enhance learning.

Science Centre : The science centre encourages inquiry, experimentation and discovery as a means to understanding scientific concepts in a safe manner.

Math Centre : The math centre activities include fun learning activities and games that teach children about counting, measurement, money, geometry and so on grounded in real world needs.

Outdoor Centre : The outdoor centre provides a spacious, safe area for outdoor play and messier activities that support development of motor skills. Children get ample opportunity to play in the sunshine and fresh air.

Friday 8 January 2016

Preschool Education

Preschool education is a phase where your child learns to gradually step into a whole new world away from her/his family.S/he will find new companions among classmates and teachers. Preschool education sets a stage for their future educational milestones. At Trio Tots Preschool, Sahakar Nagar and HSR Layout early math skills are taken very seriously. We carefully lead our little ones through their crucial early milestones. It is never too early to introduce children to the fantastic world of mathematics.

Math is everywhere!

Math is found in surprisingly many facets of a typical day. The distance walked from the bus stop to home, the number of oranges bought from the market and the price of a toy can all be expressed as numbers. Laying down a strong foundation for maths during the early years of their education can have a large number of benefits. Often mathematics has been tagged as ‘hard’ or ‘challenging’ early on. Planting such a seed in children’s minds might fill them with hesitation and dread towards the beautiful subject of Mathematics. Introducing kids to mathematical concepts in a systematic and age-appropriate manner will help them become comfortable with math and pave way for the learning of more complex theories.
Simple mathematical concepts for preschoolers

The following different aspects of math may be introduced to preschool kids:

  • Number skills: Kids must be able to identify the names of different numerals and their shape. They will also be helped to distinguish between them clearly. They will then be introduced to the value that each one holds.
  • Counting skills: Kids will be taught to count by helping them memorise the order and then taught about concepts of increasing and decreasing order of value. Recurring patterns like the occurrence of numbers ending with zero after every 10 numbers will be introduced.
  • Visual representation of numbers: Apart from the shape and value of numbers, kids will be introduced to pictures of objects, so that they can relate what they have learned to real world objects.
  • Addition and subtraction: Basic concepts of addition and subtraction can be introduced to children through fun activities before more traditional means of teaching these are undertaken.
  • Geometry: Kids can be taught to recognize shapes and group different objects based on their common properties.

You can work with your child’s pre-school teachers to understand what your child will be learning throughout their preschool years. Explore what kind of activities and games will be used to help your child learn math.

Get in touch with us to know about all the fun approaches to learning and growing at Trio Tots Preschool, Bangalore.

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