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Thursday 23 February 2017

15 questions to ask your child's preschool teacher or daycare administrator

Your child’s teachers want the best for your child and are a valuable source of knowledge about your child’s development. Once the preschool term begins, an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers at a parent-teacher meet or another setting, usually presents itself. At Trio Tots Preschool HSR Layout, Bangalore, meetings and one-on-ones are scheduled at regular intervals, to help parents stay up to date.

It helps to prepare for a meeting by deciding what you would like to learn about your child and her/his education. Your meetings will set the tone for your relationship with your child’s  preschool teacher. Even if your child goes to a daycare centre, the centre’s staff can give you useful information about your child’s behaviour, preferences and development.

Questions you can bring up at the preschool or daycare parent-teacher meeting

  • What activities does my child enjoy doing the most?
  • How does my child interact with other people?
  • How is my child doing emotionally? Is she happy, playful, moody, angry or aloof?
  • Is my child reaching age appropriate milestones?
  • In what areas does my child need to improve?
  • How can I help him/her achieve this?
  • Does my child respond and obey class rules?
  • How good is my child at self-care?
  • Is my child able to focus on tasks?
  • Does my child complete his/her tasks without too much difficulty?
  • Please tell me more about your teaching methods.
  • What metrics do you use to assess a child’s performance?
  • Does my child need additional or special help with any task?
  • Is there any other advice you would like to offer?
  • Is there anything I can do to help you?

As a parent, you know your child best. However, keeping an open mind towards suggestions of experienced teachers, will help you partner better with them. You might discover a new perspective to your child’s behaviour or habits. Just like a child, being inquisitive paves a way for learning. However, It needs you to set aside your biases and preconceived notions.

Trio Tots preschool HSR Layout Bangalore, combines the best preschool education practices for a wholesome learning experience.