trio-tots preschool

Tuesday 2 April 2019

How a morning ritual makes every day special at Trio Tots Preschool

        One of our most important duties as parents and teachers of preschool children is to let our little ones know how much we love them and care about them. Children must know that they are cherished for who they are, rather than their academic achievements. Our tots love coming to preschool every day and here is why.

Starting off the day right.

        One of the most wonderful practices ingrained in the Trio culture is that of greeting everyone, staff or visitors, whom we meet with joy and from a place of authenticity. We extend the same to our children. Every morning, the entrance of Tots has a team of about 6 to 7 of our amazing teachers, waiting to welcome our children.
         Tots offers the Best Playgroup in Bangalore, Nursery, Kindergarten I & II, apart from day-care. Once we welcome our tots into the school, it is time to welcome them into each of their classes! The morning greeting ritual happens in an age appropriate way, starting with nursery. Nursery teachers welcome our children with a puppet, making it fun and joyful for our young ones! KG I starts off the day with a peppy song for our kids, that teachers and children enjoy alike. KG II makes it more interesting by electing one child each day, who hi-fives her/his classmates as they enter their respective classrooms.

A community where we care about each other

        At the start of the day, our teachers and kids alike look out for those who were absent on the previous day(s). Together we ask a previously absent child why they could not make it to preschool, letting them know that we take notice and we care. Our children care about teachers too, making sure that they ask them why they were not present on a certain day.
       TRIO Tots’ welcoming ritual has become an indispensable part of our day, irrespective of how busy our days are. We will not miss it for anything! To find out what other special things Trio Tots does, visit us at or drop into our preschool at Sahakarnagar, Bangalore.