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Friday 8 January 2016

Preschool Education

Preschool education is a phase where your child learns to gradually step into a whole new world away from her/his family.S/he will find new companions among classmates and teachers. Preschool education sets a stage for their future educational milestones. At Trio Tots Preschool, Sahakar Nagar and HSR Layout early math skills are taken very seriously. We carefully lead our little ones through their crucial early milestones. It is never too early to introduce children to the fantastic world of mathematics.

Math is everywhere!

Math is found in surprisingly many facets of a typical day. The distance walked from the bus stop to home, the number of oranges bought from the market and the price of a toy can all be expressed as numbers. Laying down a strong foundation for maths during the early years of their education can have a large number of benefits. Often mathematics has been tagged as ‘hard’ or ‘challenging’ early on. Planting such a seed in children’s minds might fill them with hesitation and dread towards the beautiful subject of Mathematics. Introducing kids to mathematical concepts in a systematic and age-appropriate manner will help them become comfortable with math and pave way for the learning of more complex theories.
Simple mathematical concepts for preschoolers

The following different aspects of math may be introduced to preschool kids:

  • Number skills: Kids must be able to identify the names of different numerals and their shape. They will also be helped to distinguish between them clearly. They will then be introduced to the value that each one holds.
  • Counting skills: Kids will be taught to count by helping them memorise the order and then taught about concepts of increasing and decreasing order of value. Recurring patterns like the occurrence of numbers ending with zero after every 10 numbers will be introduced.
  • Visual representation of numbers: Apart from the shape and value of numbers, kids will be introduced to pictures of objects, so that they can relate what they have learned to real world objects.
  • Addition and subtraction: Basic concepts of addition and subtraction can be introduced to children through fun activities before more traditional means of teaching these are undertaken.
  • Geometry: Kids can be taught to recognize shapes and group different objects based on their common properties.

You can work with your child’s pre-school teachers to understand what your child will be learning throughout their preschool years. Explore what kind of activities and games will be used to help your child learn math.

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