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Tuesday 18 August 2020

Role of Parents in Online Learning


The COVID-19 outbreak has challenged the education industry and the way it functions, in India as well as several other countries around the world. The pandemic might fundamentally alter the course of our education system from this point in time onwards. It has forced us to rethink everything about the way we teach and learn. While we are grateful to have so many online communication tools at our disposal, the transition from regular on-campus schooling to online schooling is not without its own challenges.

It is important to note that, as preschool educators, the Tots approach still revolves around the child. We want children to become the best versions of themselves. We not only want to fully engage them during the online learning process, but also engage families even more meaningfully, because learning is now happening right in the confines of our homes.

The responsibilities of teachers and parents have not changed, but how we carry them out certainly has. We are being called to become more creative, flexible, organized, and open to learning than ever before. We have all been forced to learn how to use online collaboration tools, irrespective of whether we are comfortable with technology or not. Educational content creation and curation for preschoolers has become even more critical. We at Trio Tots, take care to craft our educational content in a way that the concept being taught is put across in an accurate and fun way, even via an online platform.

Learning does not happen during the sessions alone, but beyond them too. Being prepared adequately for the classes will enable the parent and child make the most of the classes. Here are some points that can help parents, help their children better with their online learning sessions.


Before the Live Class

Help your child create a daily schedule based on the online class timetable.

 Check the requirements of the online class with their teachers

 Familiarize yourself with the features of the online learning platform. Ensure that it is setup fully before the class, to avoid making changes during them.

          Set up a designated place for online classes with no background noise and minimal disturbance. A chair and a table of comfortable height would be ideal.

            Make sure your child is well fed and hydrated before the live class.

       Make sure that your child’s books and required materials are kept within the child’s designated learning space.    

       Get your child ready at least 10 mins before the start of the online class.

During Live Class

Help your child login to the online learning platform.

 Assist your child in unmuting the mic if required.

 Do not prompt your child when the teacher is asking questions. Let them take their time and answer independently.

 Minimize the practice of moving in and out of the room frequently to minimize distraction.

 Ensure that the child’s leaning space is not crowded

 Try not to move the laptop/tablet/phone or any other device that the class is running on


After Live Class 

 Encourage your child to complete the activities/homework on the same day as it is given. 

 Do not criticize or mock the online classes in front of children. Criticizing the online lectures may demotivate children from attending them.

 Speak positively about the school, teachers, and online classes to your child. 

 If you and your child are facing any challenges in online learning, avoid talking about it in front of your child. Instead, reach out to the concerned school authorities and resolve the issue.

Children generally tend to emulate and look up to parents. It is important for parents to stay enthusiastic about the online classes and set a good example, so that children approach them with positivity and excitement too. 


About the author – Ms. Greshma Momaya

Her education and career have been dedicated to developing young minds. A Bachelor Degree in Human Development followed by a post graduate Diploma in School Counselling from the University of Mumbai, and a Certification in Early Year Foundation Stage from UK empower her to create an eclectic curriculum for nurturing young minds. She has recently certified from Harvard University in School leadership.

She started her career as a Kindergarten teacher and taught at the primary level for 7 years, then, as Preschool Coordinator & Operations Head, and now as Head of Tots. She has been involved in designing of learning environments, scripting curriculum and training teachers in preschool. From 2007, she is set on a journey for creating stimulating Early Learning Environments.


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