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Wednesday 14 June 2017

Questions to ask your child when they get home from Trio Tots Preschool?

Are you asking your child the right questions when you pick them up from Trio Tots? 
“What did you do in school”& “How was your day at school?” are the common questions I hear parents asking children when they receive children after preschool, but there are definitely better questions to ask. 

Generally children respond to these questions in one or two words. As a parent you want to know everything about your child’s day at school. Did they make any new friends? Did they learn anything new and exciting?  In order to gather these answers you have to ask the right questions.

Here are some of the questions to ask your children when they get out of Trio Tots preschool?

            1.      Who did you play with today?
It helps you to get familiar with different friends your child associates with. You can then ask name of those friends.

2.      What did you play today?

After asking your child who they played with you could also ask what they played.

3.      If you could choose to sit by anyone in your class, who would it be?

This encourages your child to talk about whom they currently sit next to and whom they would like to sit next to, likely two different people. As a result you get to learn more about their classmates in general.

4.      What word did your teacher use most today?
This question is often answered with what your child learned that day in school. Depending on the answer, it could also clue you into the quality of the teacher and what’s really going on in the classroom.

5.      What was your favorite part of your whole day?

Children enjoy reliving their favorite parts of each and every day. You can also prompt your child to share their least favorite part of the day.

6.      What rules are different at school than at home?

This question makes your child to think as he or she gets a chance to contrast or compare different sets of rules in his or her life. Make sure to ask if your child thinks all of these rules are fair and how they might change them (at school or at home). Our preschoolers can be so much insightful than we give them credit for.

7.      Can you show me something you learned today?

If your child says they did not learn anything ask them to show you something they did today. Both of these questions prompt your child to act out something as opposed to explain it—therefore eliminating any one-word answers.

8.      What was the hardest thing you did all day?

There might be many answers to this question, but whatever the answer may it indicates something your child is struggling with. It could be writing or be finding friends to play or eating.  Once you know what your child struggles may be you can help the child at home.

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